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             How it all started

The birth of a child is by far the biggest event in a person's life. It tops graduations, jobs, and weddings. At first parents are overjoyed and focused on protecting the baby from everything in the world.

Very quickly parents and grandparents thoughts turn to the future and what lies ahead for the child.

In 2003, with his little toddler holding onto his leg in order to stand up, Jean is thinking what will the baby be doing in 20 years. He needs an education. He needs a career and a career he is passionate about. The old say is, "if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life."  And with that Jean found his passion, too. He created JM T-Shirts.

JM T-Shirts was created to encourage a student's career choice very early in life. In American many kids graduate from high school and even college without deciding what they want their career to be. Many families in the United States are willing to go into debt to give their children a good high school and college education. And yet students graduate without the requirements needed to get into a good career. This causes wasted money and wasted opportunity.

Jean has talked with hundreds of parents, teachers and students, including those looking for jobs, He always comes to the same conclusion,. Some students are doing well in school but do not focus on a career, do not think of the future and do not think about the workplace. Some students are not doing well but once they embrace a career, they can turn around.

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